Training for adults!

Training for adults.

Yeasterday I was asked how you should train when you reach adulthood, no we aint talking about when you turn 18 or 21…You still a baby then.

As usual I started some incoherent ramble…I have to have been dehydrated and having early onset symptoms of Alzheimer as usual.

Anyhow here is a better “answer” or description of my plan.

Do a little everyday!

Mobility and flexibility gets worse, a lot especially for males. Getting in some broomstick work like Olympiclifters do everyday or at least every other day is essential..My regime is pretty simple overhead snatch grip squats, shoulder dislocators, good mornings( full range) are the ones that I feel give the most for me to keep a normal range of motion.

If possible I would try to “grease the groove” at home or in the gym as often as I can to keep my weak spots in check, I have done tremendous amounts of damage to my shoulders, lower back over the years…So I should really work on these, this most of the time like for my shoulders involves “rehabbing” my rear delts and upper back/scapular stability. So whenever I can I work these “trouble” spots with a few light sets and pretty high reps.

An ideal day can look like this for me..

0430 Wake up, crawl out of bed..In pain as usual. While coffe is dripping, get broomstick knock out 25 broomstcik overhead squats,good mornings and dislocators for maybe 2-3 sets

If possible at lunch, if I have a “real” session planned later for the day…I try to do my “rehab” work at the company gym. Maybe 4 sets of really moderate weight facepulls, good mornings, Arnold presses, overhead squats and a few stretches…should not take more than 15 mins, and hardly break into a sweat.

Now lets get over to the real thing;

General guidelines for lifting, as you reach maturity you will need more time for recovery…that’s is all.

Well not really, but especially very taxing wourkouts..I do very much less of, It is important though to keep frequent maximum work in your planning. Mainly because one thing that you will see down grading is explosivness and speed.

There are several solutions I would suggest, myself I gradually work up over a period of say three to four weeks with repetition work and dynamic work and then hit myself with a pretty heavy weak with low volume but heavy +90% lifting and heavy short interval work.

This is followed by one week of active rest and one week of recovery, before I start a new cycle.

Or if you work at a pretty steady pace over the year, just make shure that you every now and the include som heavy 1-3RM work.

One thing I real benefit from now that I get older is repetition work and steady state cardio as my mains, when I was younger I did not feel very much benefits from this..but today, my old style of HIT training burns me out in a week or two, while cruising along actually makes me stronger.

This is no reason though to PUSH your self, the maximal work still needs to done..just not as often as before and training your WILL is always essential.

For willpower training today, I try to avoid very ballistic moves to save my joints….but a few workouts every now and then, for me usually some type of AMRAP until I feel like puking, is a good thing to keep your head strong.

Nutrition; Seriously if I even look at a beer bottle or a bag of chips, crisps for you Anglians…I gain a pound.

This is something I am struggling with, I have tried a few strategies over the years…right now I am looking at working with intermittent fasting..let you guys know later how that works out.

Supplements; fats and glucosamine are the bombs for my old joints…I also have problems today with heat and cramps, so I have stated to use a electrolyte sup on hot and sweaty days, seems to be working.

That’s a few thoughts from my brain, maybe more later if there is intrest..comment ask questions here or on my facebook page

Frank Ironman


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