Olympic lifts, adult learning.


Learning the  Olympic Lifts as an adult, a short primer.

This is not a manual or a course just a few pointers that I find useful when training adults or older beginners in the Olympic Lifts.

First of you need a good coach, a good lifting coach is not your bleached teeth PT guy at the local fitness center who has learned the lifts at some weekend course…at the best he has glimpsed into the abyss, he never swam there.

No you need to find “Mickey”, so who the F is “Mickey”….You remember Rockys boxing coach..thats Mickey, he will not have white teeth, probably walks with a limp and he does not smell very nice..

The good thing is that Mickey knows his shit, he has fought the wars with iron and guided others, find your “Mickey”.

As an adult one of your bigger obstacles will be mobility.

Here is a few tricks you can do…

Get a broomstick to have at home, everyday try to fit in 15 mins of overhead squats, shoulder dislocators and other moves to really push your mobility..the broomstick should be your best friend.

Having a kettlebell around the house is a great tool, if you get on youtube search for “goblet squats” these are great for working on posture and when at the bottom really pushing your hips out with your elbows will do wonders for your mobility.

This is from a “Mickey” Dan John is his name and I like his stuff a lot.

At the gym

I always prefer to warm up with barbell, get friendly with your tool.

Here is a sample workout for the Snatch.

Warm up complex

3 sets with progressively heavier resistance…6-10 reps of each move



Arnold Press


Good morning

Technique work 3-5 sets, 5-8 reps

Complex 1 Overhead Squat+ Snatch press out from neck

Complex 2 Arm snatch +High hang snatch

Complex 3 Snatch grip deadlift + Hang snatch

An example that needs to be tuned to your needs, working complete lifts until your technique, balance and mobility are at least functional will only hurt your progress.

More later, I am smelly and need a shower…



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