Tubby Flint or hardcore weightloss…

I find it easier to explain the techniques I work with trough examples, so here is my latest “client”.

Name of client;Flint Pornman

Age 39




220 lbs..thats what he says


Other info; lower back muscular imbalance( forward hiptilt) caused by sitting way to much on his ass, and some improper training previously.


Goals for this period; GET UNFAT, and restore some lower back mobility/function.


Getting unfat is seriously simple and at the same time fucking hard.


But at some point, it needs to be done before reaching your upper 40´s….otherwise you are more or less fucked anyhow.


Diet is the key to get rolling, then you need to re pattern your lifestyle and what you consider to be food and exercise etc.


Our goal for the next 4 weeks is to get 20 lbs of Flints frame, to ease the pressure on his back and drop enough weight so he can do real cardio( running)


Flints first stop is going to be at the mall, this is his shopping list;


8 lbs of low carb protein powder…brand does not matter, suggest getting a few different flavors.


Fiber supplement, milled flaxseed and some wholegrain oats


Greens/Superfood, basically concentrated ground greens and veggies I use a brand called “Mighty Greens”


Several bottles of fishoil/omega 3 capsules.


Four times a day for the next 4 weeks, flint will drink a shake with;


2-3 scopes of Protein powder, 1 teaspon of fiber , 1 teaspoon flaxseed, 1tsp mighty greens.

With every shake he will down two fish oil capsules.


On lifting days he is allowed 2 tablespoons of oats either pre or post lifting.


Now sticking with this program takes quiet a bit of discipline and fire in the gut….its not for the weak of mind. But Flint is a big boy, and all thoughs visits to all you can eat places, the drive trough at wendys and takeaways..payday is here Flint…time to man up!


Training program to follow….

Exercise plan is very simple, every day Flint will walk outside on a treadmill or bike for at least 45 minutes, preferably fasted…before his first daily shake.
He will do 3 full body weight workouts a week.
In the gym we warm up with just the bar doing the following complex;

Squats 20 reps
Good morning 20 reps
Arnold press 20 reps
Overhead squat 20 reps
Romanian deadlift 20 reps

This is done for 2 sets
Workout 1
Backsquat 5×10 at 55%
Good mornings 5X10 Lightweight
Militarypress 5X10 at 55%
Leglifts 5×10

Workout 2
Backsquat 3×8 at 55%
Deadlift 5×10 at 50%
Dips 5 sets or 50 reps total
Pullups 10 reps total first week, 5 reps added every week

Workout 3
Backsquat 5X10 at 55%
Barbell rows 5X10
Close grip bench 3×8 at 50-60%
Ab plank two sets of 60 seconds



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