Olympic lifts for adults..the ramble continues


Apart from your daily regime with the broomstick, always try to do some “olympic” style complex work as a warmup, does not matter what you are going to do at the gym. Here is a good clip of an old team mate..perfect warm up complex;

Anders, the guy in the clip I think works for http://www.exceedperformance.se/

As I said before, doing a lot of full lifts when you are starting out, will only be confusing and difficult. Lfits from the hang, high hang and knee position are in my experience the ones that give the most.

Some try to hard to develop their technique with just the bar or broomstick/pvc pipe….waste of time if you ask me.

Use enough weight to promote strength and force you to use speed and force.

As soon as you have basic mastery of the “partial lifts” its time to slap on some weights..how much? Well as seasoned lifter usually stays around 80% of his PR when working technique and speed…kind of medium heavy, or heavy enough so you are forced to be force full and put speed on the bar, with out missing a lot..quality reps is what we are looking for.

sent from my brain, using my stumps…





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